01  Origins of Holy Eros with Phoenix

02 Myth, Religion & Sacred Sexuality with         Sonja Semyonova coming soon

03  Sexual Sovereignty with EmilyJane of          Mouja Man: Fertility Awareness Method

04 Esoteric Leadership with Dane Tomas 


We’re here to delve deep into the power of Holy Eros, the aspects of devotion, intimacy, passion and love, where the transformational medicine of our Soul, Sex & Art intersects and transforms ourselves and the world.

Featuring experts, professionals and interviews with people speakers with a diversity of backgrounds on the intersection between sacred sexuality, spirituality, and art means for transformational healing in a world aching for sensual medicine and HOLY EROS. 

Podcast with host Phoenix Amara 




05 Sex up your Life with Julie Archembault

Confessions , conversations and evocative interviews on: Sacred Sexuality & intimacy, Conscious Kink, Ritual Design, and the re-emergence of Temple Culture on the planet as a means of revolutionizing healing, thriving and holistic embodiment.

Featuring experts, professionals and speakers with a diversity of backgrounds on the intersection between sacred sexuality and spirituality as a means for transformational healing and creative expression.

Season 2 will feature interviews on:

• Sensual Art Making for Healing
• Erotic Group Experiences + How to Curate, Attend and the etiquette of erotic space. 
• Initiating your Lover into Sacred Sexual Union
• Embodiment practices to  amplify your pleasure, deepen your intimacy and open your heart.
• Overcoming Porn Addiction
• and many more topics. 

The Podcast for the pleasure makers of the New Earth.


Want to have your questions answered on HOLY EROS? Submit your questions on sexuality, intimacy, archetypes and eroticism below. While not all submissions will be accepted, If your question is a great fit for the show, you may even be invited to be an anonymous guest and get your question answered live in a 15-min spot. All identities are kept 100% confidential.

Examples; questions on sex + intimacy with partners. Conscious BDSM. Sex Majick. Poly vs. Monogamy. Modern Dating Conundrums. Asking for what you want in the bedroom. How to feel more juicy in your body. Overcoming sexual shame. How to drop deeper into sensual connection. How to connect to Archetypal Energies. Esoteric Eroticism. 


Are you a passionate speaker and expert on Sacred Sexuality, Embodiment, Sensual healing, Erotic Art, Sex Majick, Intimacy & Relating, Modern Dating and Archetypal Magic? Have something to share on erotic art ceremonies, sexual healing, sensual creativity for healing, or embodiment?

Send in more details on your desired topics and themes below. 

Want to be a Guest on HOLY EROS?

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