Last Updated: as of 17 OCTOBER 2022


No refunds or exchanges will be given for anything purchased from Phoenix Amara.

All sales are final.

If paying in instalments, you agree to paying the set amount outlined in your Payment Plan. Cancellation of a Payment Plan is not permitted. Outstanding & overdue payments are subject to interest & a withdrawal of Phoenix Amara's services until paid.

All material, products, programs, courses & content created and provided by Phoenix Amara are subject to copyright & shall not be shared or reproduced without written permission.

You agree to take responsibility for achieving what you desire from any sessions, events, courses, programs, & any material purchased from Phoenix Amara. There are no guarantees of results.

You understand that even though you may receive email reminders from Phoenix Amara and her team, attending events or sessions on time is your personal responsibility. You agree to arrive promptly, and to be present & available throughout any session, event, or program in which you participate. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit of that session, event, or program. Should anything be unclear, please email 

You release Phoenix Amara from any legal liability & you assume sole responsibility for your own health and for the outcome of any session, practice, or exercise suggested by  Phoenix Amara that may affect your wellbeing in any way.


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