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From my heart to yours…

January 5, 2023

Hey, I’m Phoenix
Explorer, author and ceremonialist on all things ritual, sensual and erotic magic. Read more about me and my work here. 

I’ve been deep in the creative cave during this winter season, giving myself permission to be in rest and follow the pulse of my Eros & actually EMBODY that which I devote myself to and share.

While I’ve watched the world scramble, force and push…I’ve laid back in trusting my own timing and creative rhythm.

You cannot rush the mystery (just as you cannot rush authentic desire) but you can slow down and actually enjoy the slow seduction of her dance with you.

Because she wants you to pause and inhale her deeply into your spirit as you begin to move with her music, letting yourself be seduced into the majesty of her mysterious evocative pull.

And she asked, ‘Let yourself & others see ALL OF YOU so that they can see themselves’.

In completing my book ‘Ascension of Gaia: Resurrection of the Sacred §exual Feminine’ I saw and reclaimed myself in a way I couldn’t even comprehend. A redemption of my My inner SEX PRIEST/ESS, a reclamation of my ξrotiscm, and resurrection of my HOLY WHY.

I’m here to liberate kundalini life force & the Sacred δexual on the planet, alpha to Ω clearing codes, and being a sacred muse + mentor for future Priest/ess called to this path…

  • so that humanity can once again taste the ecstasy of what it is to experience Hieros Gamos
  • for women (and men) to honour womb wisdom,
  • for our children to grow up in a world that honours sxual fire & life force energy as the power it is and


because this new version you say you’re ready for is going to require the sacrifice of your old self

the one who hides, runs away or suppresses their sexual creative fire. This new expression of your potential asks for your trust and surrender. You can run from your power or you can face your greatness smiling…

You can let your wings unfurl and spread them wide

or you can walk through life never fully being seen yet aching to have your heart be known

You are a sacred tapestry of untapped creative potential just waiting to be given permission to create what you want and share your one in a billion soul expression with a world that never knew how much they needed your voice of inspiration.

You don’t need a lineage, certification or course to love your temple and open yourself to God. You don’t need teachers to pray to Geat spirit -Or- to open your heart.

You don’t need specific steps or even a certain ritual to do this work, because your body is the oracle and the transmission is a unique conversation between you and the Great Mystery of Life.

Yet, we all DESIRE inspiration, muses, and support from those who walk similar unchartered paths – as we transform the world through embodying heaven within – revolutionizing the spirit of the human condition….


This initiatory crucible has changed form many times since dancing with it….

Requesting me to drop my knowing, the ways it should look, and instead tune into my body’s knowing…

The sacred pulse in my yoni, the ache in my pxssy, and the WHY bursting in my heart. I was asked to trust in how life wanted to grow my vision beyond what I could imagine.

Being entrusted by the great Goddess to resurrect the wisdom of the εrotic Priest/ess on the planet and birth an initiatory crucible for Erotic Ritualists has been no small test. Because we used to be burnt alive for sharing the wisdom of kundalini.

And while I’ve watched the crusades happening in my industry, the callouts, and adrenaline coursing through people’s systems, wondering who will be hunted next…

I put my ear to the earth and asked her what she wanted… And she whispered…”return to your bodies”…and you’ll find heaven on earth”.

You cannot crucify that which doesn’t die, and truth exists in the body not in the illusions of the mind and ego.

These times have had me sit with big questions. Questions like…

Sexual energy is like a stallion.

Most either run from it and pretend like it doesn’t exist, suppressing its power, yet living life with their sxual fire and passion extinguished

….or they let the stallion run wild, unable to direct its energy and ultimately becoming a slave to it whims.

Yet with patience and desire, one can face it and learn how to to ride it with grace, consciously co-creating with its power.

To claim the role of SEX PRIEST/ESS is to own your power, to know yourself as the greatest embodiment of lover, and to be the Love you desire.


And trust me in that this isn’t another ‘course’, ‘training’, “certification’ or script handed down through a lineage.

This is a crucible for your ecstasy to emerge and your full embodied trust in life to be consecrated.

Taking back the keys to your inner Kingdom & Queendom – A transformation chamber for your greatest artistry to come alive on the planet, and the inner Union with your Potential to be realized.

For the ones ready to embrace themselves in Her Holiness, there are two paths you can choose from.

Find details here>>

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