Are you a future Erotic Ritualist?

January 28, 2023

Hey, I’m Phoenix
Explorer, author and ceremonialist on all things ritual, sensual and erotic magic. Read more about me and my work here. 

Maybe you’ve found yourself….questioning where you’re headed in sacred sexuality, ritual or performance.

And perhaps you’re already doing this work full-time helping others access their Eros & Ecstasy….

But maybe you desire to follow this path or build a solid practice and don’t know where to start, how to build it, or how to get started. Yet, what if you were doing this work as your life path?

  • Supporting people in the healing of their relationship to pleasure, to sex, and to intimacy
  • Guiding and supporting men to heal their porn addiction and come back into their feelings and body
  • Helping women tap into their erotic being and unleash their pleasure
  • Being flown around the world to facilitate retreats, private events or speak on stages?
  • Helping couples to deepen into intimacy and pleasure
  • Using unconventional (yet potent) practices – both hands-on and off rituals that can facilitate massive healing for your clients. 

We cover all of this and more in the 2023 Sex Priest/ess Practitioner Training, where over 6 months you’ll get: 

  • Guidance in weaving Erotic Archetypal Embodiment into your sessions – so that you and your soulmate clients can access the most power & liberation with full consent
  • Maps to facilitate your client’s transformation (that still leave space for their unique needs and your inspired creativity)
  • Archetypal Embodiment Ritual creation & Setting up client sessions
  • Creating powerful 1-on-1 Client Sessions & pricing accordingly
  • Using the Golden Flame arc to guide your personal clients, groups or retreats
  • Client examples and stories from the past decade of my experience working with people 1-1 and in groups

PLUS you’ll also receive business support in our 3-month mastermind on how to find clients, build your business, and create experiences that will change their lives forever. 

And while this path may intrigue (and scare the fuck out of you), it’s been such a profound path of watching people heal decades of trauma, liberate their plesure, and save their relationships. 

Because, I truly believe that the world needs more erotic ritualists…and that you have a special gift and opportunity to not only bring this to the world, but also step more into your power. Claiming this title is a healing initiation in itself, one that takes tremendous courage and capacity. 

You’re receiving this as I wanted to keep you abreast of an opportunity to expand your path in sacred sexuality with a special invitation for graduates of the Golden Flame to join us in the Sex Priest/ess Practitioner starting Wed Jan 24th (doors to join the program officially close Feb 13th). 

There are two paths you can take: 


For those desiring the training & the 3-day online virtual retreat (May 27TH, 28TH & 29TH), yet can’t attend the in-person training in Italy, then this is the best option. It includes the 6-month training and the 3-month mastermind.

HIGH COUNCIL (7 spots left)

And for those who desire the in-person experience of hands-on practice and juicy erotic ritual creation, there’s 7 spots left for the High Council Italy option (which is more affordable than you may think- see below)

Our High Council includes the 9-month training along with a 7-Day Retreat in Puglia, Italy Nov 17-23rd, where we’ll be deepening into the art of Eros through ritual erotic art ceremony creation, hands-on-embodiment, and a delicious experience of cultivating your craft as a Sex Priest/ess.

If you’re looking to learn the craft of facilitating Erotic Ritual for clients, create abundance in income, and serve the world through sacred sexuality – you can also find more details on the training here & here>>

Xoxo With love, in love, for love


Still intrigued but not quite sure? Have more questions? Send me an email at phoenix@phoenixamara.com

If you’re brimming with questions and desire a more intimate way to delve into the details….let’s book a free 45-min alignment session to see if this path is right for you.

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  1. Ashley lett says:

    I an very interested in this. Will there be a 2024 online option?

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