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Easy Self-Worship Ritual

January 28, 2023

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Activating your Inner Lover (Practice derived from the Level 1 Golden Flame Journey through Temple Arts Alchemy)

Your Inner Lover is the archetype of creativity, feeling, and sensuality. Connected to the bedrock of the stable inner child, the Inner Lover is confident in oneself, feeling rooted in their desires. When one taps into the Lover archetype’s energy, they feel alive with passion and connected to the world and those around them.

The Lover archetype feels deeply whether those feelings are of joy or pain.

The Lover is attuned to the mysterious forces underlying our everyday existence; this is the archetype in which the sacred divine Muse resides. A person who takes time to develop this archetype will frequently experience flashes of inspiration, downloads of creativity, or become ignited with the flame of passionate expression.

The Lover Archetype is connected to feeling, so they appreciate their body and its sensations. Use the following ritual to connect with your inner Lover and activate a new awareness of your sensuality.

Time Needed: 45min – 1 Hour | What you will need:

•  Moisturizing lotion: Coconut oil makes a great alternative
• Candles, flower petals, and milk (or almond milk)

• Nice quiet bathroom with tub

• Anointing Oils (Amber, Rose, or Frankincense are great)

  1. Run a relaxing bath and add milk (or almond milk) and any oils you prefer along with your flower petals. As you step into this relaxing bath, visualize any old or stagnant energy, old beliefs and stories about yourself being washed away. Feel yourself
    rejuvenating in this space of luxuriousness.
  2. After drying off from your bath, use the anointing oil of your choice and anoint yourself starting with your feet, afterwards saying, “I love, trust and honour you.” Anoint your root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and head. You may add any other words that fully express your devotion to this beautiful temple you have been given. Let it know how fully you honour & love it.
  3. Using your coconut oil or massage lotion, silently affirm your love while massaging every part of your body. Feel every cell in your body soaking up this affection & letting this ritual be imbued with a sensual reverence that is only for you.
  4. Standing in front of the mirror nude ~ without judgement, look yourself in the eyes and say the words it longs to hear. This will be unique to each person, and it could look something like this:
    “I am a truly divine and unique being who reflects
    pure beauty, truth and love. I honour this beautiful body I
    call home in this world.”
    “I no longer judge my body as something to be measured,
    compared and torn apart in other’s eyes. I no longer judge my
    size, shape or appearance as measures of my worth.”
    “I choose to honour and worship love in all of it’s forms, and I give sending my full love and devotion to myself, in caring for myself and in choosing to fully love and accept who I am.”


To amplify your practice even further, find some deliciously sexy music that activates your inner Sex God/dess and begin to dance to your image in the mirror. Touch your body, stroke your hair, and let your movements be slow and seductive. Seduce yourself through your movement and play with erotic energy.

Grab your flesh, graze your chest, and let your fingers brush along your lips, neck and different parts of your body. Maybe even put some clothes on and then slowly remove them, giving yourself a striptease. What comes up for you in this experience? Deep feelings? Arousal? Grief? Sadness? Whatever arises, allow it, as your awareness and allowance will help the emotion to move in your body.

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